This is the moment, the right time and place. The real talk that I needed to exhume my past and face the reason for the pain; to explore its eviscerated effects head on. The pain experienced in our lives, if not dealt with, cause a victimization attitude. A victim to victim paradigm, and a sense of entitlement for blaming others. This is what I had done. The person (s), that caused my pain must deal with that truth. However, my healing from this pain is my responsibility and no one else’s. This is where I enter., whole and ready to share the real me, and if I can help just one person along the way. I'll know, when my body becomes one with the earth, I will have left it better than I found it.

My name is Clover Journesy, daughter, sister, mother, and grandmother. I grew up in a home with two loving parents, and guardian’d by four older brothers. My baby brother, a year and a half younger than I was the last child born into our happy, close knit family. 

The only girl of five brothers was lonely. They, along with their friends, would go off and do what boys do. When I got a little older, I could join them in the gallivanting. Until then, I played with my dolls and stuffed animals. My baby brother was in his own little world and not interested in what I was doing. My mother would buy Grimm Fairytales for my birthday and Christmas. I would get my book, to sit in my favorite corner in the livingroom, and let everything else disappear around me. The magic of the stories invited and gathered me up; planting me onto the pages, and I became a witness to the characters' exploits within the fables.


Beautiful Landscape


By sharing my story with others. I will connect the links of our shared understanding that make us all human. I will help them as others have helped me to overcome obstacles that prevented me from moving past them. A leader must be relatable; seen as human with vulnerabilities, hurts, joys, pain, successes and failures, as well as being able to reference other leaders who have achieved greatness from their life challenges. Influential leaders that are honestly transparent and willing to teach from the spring-board of their pain. Having the ability to express our stories in written and spoken word. ~ Clover Journesy

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My vision is far and near, without limits. I wish to live in the present/ future. The world I design for myself and others is one free from hate, bias, poverty. To live as our creator had intended for us to exist, as one. To work, help, support, love, and respect one another.

On these pages I invite you to escape with me into a world where all things exist. We made the possibilities of overcoming obstacles manifest.
"Let your smile change the world, don't let the
world change your smile." Let's make the world
a better place.