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The Vicarious Voyeur is not what you may think when you read the definition. Instead, it is my characters taking me into unchartered territory, writing stories that reach an in-depth emotional experience of emergence: Feelings of fear, in trepidation, cautiousness and suspense. The anguish and the struggles that causes pain, both emotional and physical exhaustion, as well tantalizing excitement embodied with suspense and victory from their eyes and myself latching on merely as the driver while they navigate the course.

I’ve adopted a vicarious nature of living through my characters, for indeed they have plenty of energy. They fill their lives with intrigue, fearlessness and courage. A recklessness that only God can save them from killing there selves or someone else. They believe they can fly and times they do. Freedom is the mantra exhibited in everything they undertake. Restriction is a word unheard, chained by no one and nor a slave to societal dictates. I am humbled to be in the company of these creative giants.

The word voyeurism definition spans much further than the animal instincts of immoral physical acts. The word voyeur by definition is seductive and dates dates back to the 20th century and derived directly from a French noun, meaning, “one who sees.”  A person who gains sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked and having intimate relations of which Vicarious Voyeur is not. 

Instead, we at V. V. flirt with the mind, and in an abstract sense, ignite the imagination. We invite you to join us in the exploration of mesmerizing escapism. Discover a new perspective. One you may have never thought about, a  new realization and innovation, no longer ignoring the world and your contribution to it. What is, has been and what may eventually come to fruition is having the adaptability to change.

We love living vicariously through other people's experiences, when the lives are exciting, loving, spiritual, charitable, adventurous, beautiful, successful and unafraid. We stand in applause seeing the adulation heaped on the champion. The fighters of justice, courageous, and accomplished. The heroes, and sheroes, saying to ourselves. “I wonder, had I been in their shoes, would I have done it their way? We are indeed unique, one of a kind and our/your resolve may have been a better choice. Yet, these are the ones we take our cues from. These principled actors have proven themselves for what's needed is our society today.


We Are Dreamers, Walking Towards The Sunlight Of Fruition
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