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 The Little Frenchtown By The Sea
Clover Journesy


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Reginald peeks through the glass door, making sure Donald was not with a client. He burst into the office. “Hey, my man. What time are you taking off?”


“Around 6:00 and having dinner with the family. Will you still be able to drop me off at the airport?”


“No doubt. What time does your flight leave?"


“9:00a.m., American. Marcia, brought you the cases to file Monday?”


“Yes, she did - six right?"


“Yes, and please have Mr. Daniels sign the complaint affidavit. You may have to send it by DocuSign. He is the only one working at his business since Covid-19. I don’t want to take him away from the coffee shop.”


“Alright! And don’t you forget your itinerary. Remember to visit Saint-Jean-de Lutz. Marcia, is still talking about the little village. “She even went on the internet to find a picture or one resembling it, and she found it.” Donald held up the backside of his hand to slide it against the backside of Reginald’s hand, and snapping their fingers. They have done this handshake since college, when in agreement.

“It’s her investigation skills that landed her the position in the research department.” Donald said.


“She has saved our ass and millions of dollars, more than a few times. She is incredible.” says Reginald. The door opens, and it’s Marcia.


“Did I hear my name mentioned?” No, you must be, hearing things.” said Reginald. Donald began to laughing.


“Donald, Marcia said, “I swung by to wish you a terrific, enjoyable and safe French vacation, and visit…”


“I know Marcia, Saint-Jean-de Lutz.“


Donald’s plane arrived in Biarritz, France, met by Biarritz and Associates Law firm, limousine driver, who took him from the airport to the Hyatt - Hotel, Du Palaise Biarritz conference center, 570 euros a night. It was all very convenient. After the conference Donald, got on the elevator to the twelfth floor and retired into his hotel room. He made a few calls letting family and friends in the states know he made it safely. He then reviewed the notes covering international law before retiring.

The next morning, Donald received a message. The conference was being postponed for day two, since yesterday’s meeting ran later than expected and will resume Wednesday. This will be the perfect time to take an entire day and visit Saint-Jean-de Lutz. After breakfast Donald packs a light bag and rented a Peugeot 208, sub compact. He called his friend Reginald. “Hey Reg., we had a reprieve from meetings today, so I’m headed to the village.”

“Saint-Jean-de Lutz? Ok that’s great.” Donald could hear Marcia, in the background. “Bring me back a cocker shell bracelet, you can buy them on the fisher’s dock.”

" Did you hear her?"


“Yes, Reg., I heard her. She needs to find her a man to buy these things.”

Reginald says laughing, “Well for now we’re her man.” Be safe over there brother.”


“Alright I’m hanging up.” Donald, started down the country road, radio turned up and admiring the countryside’s farm houses and live stock along the way. When he reached the area close to the town, he slowed, looking for the exit to the little town named Saint-Jean-de Lutz. Having driven several miles and not finding where to turn off, he asked for directions. He drove past an exit sign and stopped. Placing the car in reverse, back up and turned right. The cobblestone drive followed a winding uphill course. He thought to himself, where will the street take me, and what will I find? I hope there is someone who speaks English and does not hate Americans. He drove higher up still and at the end of the block, a pub situated. Its shingle read “Kegger of Saint - Jean-de Lutz.”

He parked the car, taking extra caution to engage the emergency brake. He gets out and goes into the pub. Straightway he heads to the bar and asks the bartender. “Bonjour, can you direct me to the town of Saint-Jean-de Lutz, by the sea?”


"S’il te plait." To his delight, the bartender understood English, because this was as much French as he will attempt without his translator app. “You are a tourist?”




"You are here, my American friend, come with me."  The bartender lifts the bar's extension to leave, and walks out the front door. The tourist follows. The bartender turns right and scales the rather challenging incline, half a block. Once at the top. They peered over and saw the beauty of the ocean shore encapsulated by mountains. Village houses dotted throughout the hilly descent. The black slated sidewalk appeared wet. A lighted lamp post overlooked the area, and its glow bounced off the pavement. The bartender explained the pavement only looks wet, because the workers polish the stone until it appears as dark reflective glass.

Donald, stared in amazement at the beauty before his eyes and said. “My friend did not do justice in describing this exceptional place. It feels I am standing inside a Hemmingway’s painting. I did not know it would be this wonderful.” The bartender said. “Au Beau paysage... “Many tourists come here just for the view and the people.”


“I had planned to drive through, take some pictures and continue on. This scenery, ocean and the mountains. I am changing my plans.”

"We, We, my American friend, excellent decision.” said the bartender.

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 © Clover Journesy 7 2021  Ja’Nala’s Generational Wealth 2014.
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Town By The Sea


“Come, my friend, slapping the tourist on the shoulder. The bartender invites his amazed friend back to the bar for lunch and a beer. Thanks, my name is Donald Burk. “Ah, a good American name.” And yours? “We, my name is Louis Beau monde. The pride of Georgian London, and great, great, great-grandson of Louis Beau monde.” Donald holds his hand out and says. “Nice to meet you.” Louis grabs Donald’s hand and says. “Enchante de faire votre connaissance, and they head back toward the Kegger, under a drizzle of new rain. Once inside, Louis asks Donald. “A seat at the bar or table?”
” I’ll sit over near the window.” 

“Bien, I’ll get your brew.”

Donald makes his way to the middle booth next to the window. He looks out and sees a panoramic view of the mountain range circling the coastline. The ocean’s tide, kissing the shore and retreating into the voluminous body of water. In and out thinking what magnificent scenery. Donald’s beer arrived. A silver stein with a see-through bottom, and soon his Pan Bagnat sandwich: French bread filled with tomatoes, black olives, onions, bell peppers, anchovies, and tuna.

Donald took a bite, closing his eyes, savoring the mixture of spiced flavors. He turned up the stein and took a large gulp of beer. “Awe Magnifique,” he said aloud. Four gentlemen sitting across at the other table and wearing anglers’ gear, raised their mugs and nodded in agreement.

Once finished, Donald joined the other four men and listened as they talked to learn more French, and enjoyed drinking more beer. Pierre, who spoke English, aided in translating what was being said. After about an hour, Donald said his goodbyes. “Bonjour.”
Pierre interjected. “Au revoir.”
" We, Au revoir, it was a pleasure meeting you, and thank you for the beers and hospitality,” Pierre repeated to the men in French what Donald had said. A little tipsy, Donald goes to the bar to bid farewell to Louis.
“I must go, my friend. Merci, for your kindness and delicious food and beer. “De rein, drive carefully and come back again before you leave our beautiful country. "

Donald got into his car, heading back in the direction he came. Down the winding cobblestone road towards his hotel. He thought to himself. After the conference tomorrow, I will extend my vacation. I’ll have Marcia find a hotel in the city center, come back the next day and visit the town, Saint-Jean-de lutz, and do some shopping, and don’t forget her seashell… Cocker bracelet. Indeed, it is a town I want to experience up close and personal.

It’s 2:15 a.m. and Donald’s phone rings and he picks up. “Hello.”
" Hello Donald, It’s Marcia. Did I wake you?”
"Yea, It’s a couple of hours past midnight.”
" I guess I could have texted you. I wanted to make sure, that you have your reservation for tomorrow.”
" No that’s OK., Give it to me.”
" You will stay at Grand Villa, Thalasso, and Spa. It is close to the fisher village, off from the city center.”
"Marcia, this is perfect. Thank you for suggesting I visit, and from what I have experienced. I already love it.”

"Great! How’d the conference and your presentation go?”
" The conference went well, and they enthusiastically received the presentation.
“The Steps to Becoming Partner?”
" You forgot already? You put it together.”
"No, I did not forget. I just wanted to hear you say it was good.”
Yes, Marcia, it was better than good.”
Marcia, laughing, says. “I aim to please.”

Donald says. “Speaking of that,”…
Marcia interrupts. “You won Mr. Daniel’s case. Reginald was brilliant.”
" The full three point two million?”
" Yes, sir! The entire amount.” Marcia says gleefully.
" Fantastic! He can rehire his entire staff with back-pay and medical benefits. Hey Marcia, do me a favor. Take Reginal to lunch or dinner with me. Not the firm.”
" Yes. I will, I know he will expect it.”
Reginald definitely, deserves it. It was a gamble, and he pulled the winning ticket.” ‘And send Mr. Daniel’s a case of top label champagne.’ He’ll want to celebrate with his employees I’m sure.”
“All right, Donald, get your rest and enjoy your vacation.”
“Thanks, Marcia, good night.”

" Rest, I cannot rest after receiving good news about Mr. Daniels.”
He turned on the jazz station; Nina Simone is singing “Feeling Good.” dancing and humming along, then singing “And it’s feeling good” while packing for his five days extended stay in the little town by the sea. In the quiet solitude of the early morning. Donald thought, sitting on the balcony sipping coffee. France’s orange, blue sunrises were dense and seemed more spectacular. How the sun rose through the trees, till it reached over the horizon and burst into a broad, luminous, yellow, light.


Today Donald is paying close attention to the road sign’s directions. Saint-Jean-de Lutz 65 kilometres, Tournez a droit. Donald reaches the right turn, and this time goes down a winding cobblestone road to the left. As Donald drives into the town, towering mountains serve as a scenic backdrop. He moves closer to his hotel over the small bridge sidelined with tall and medium pine trees. A babbling brook runs underneath through the village center, heading towards the ocean where it will become one. Hotels and Inns Swiss designed and colorful.

Donald thinks back to his imaginary childhood found in fairy tales and remembers. The gingerbread house in Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, and The Three Bears. Donald chuckled to himself at the memories and how much he loved reading fables.


© Clover Journesy  6/27/2021 *  Ja’Nala’s Generational Wealth, 2014