©Clover Journesy 8 10 2021

There is a saying when things don’t go your way, “Life Happens.” It will eventually become someone’s, someday excuse for why an idea, a task, a goal, or not having met a dream. “Life,” is extraordinary. We’re blessed with abilities of seeing the beauty that surrounds us. The sky above, the sun, the stars and the moon. I remember my dad - he would take his young family to the park, and teach us tumbling.

Afterwards, mom would come with the navy blanket, spread it out on the grass and we would lie there looking up at the blue sky filtered with white wisp, naming the animals and figures formed in the clouds. Turn around, and now I am graduating from high school, and within a year married, and within another year a mother to repeat the processes, I have programmed into my mind about how life is to be.

Today I have raised two beautiful, successful adult–children, who have adopted their own set of life rules. I am a vicarious voyeur to their lives, witnessing their trials, successes, pains, joys, laughter and sadness. Their freedom in expressing themselves, and still the willingness to take a mother’s advice out of respect. I delight in their raising of their children. They have my adoring respect, cause in my mind they are doing all the right things.

No one is to say how long my days will be above ground, and not co-mingle with the Earth’s soil. However, I am reaching the age where I hear, "This friend has died around your same age," more times than a few, and with Covid -19. I shudder at the thought to how many more will succumb to this deadly virus and natural causes.

Each year, I have my physical, giving thanks to Allah ta ala. I’ve been able to maintain good health. I strongly believe and practice, tying my camel and giving the reigns to my Lord for the heavy lifting. I’m very conscience to show gratitude to my Raab, eat healthy and get in at least a little exercise, weights, walking, and stretching.

One thing I know for sure. This life is a loaner. When the lease expires, I must give it back to the originator, from where I come. My hopes are that there are not too many bumps, bruises, or scratches that I will not have to pay penalties.

I give all praises to Allah ta ala for our life. Blessed with longevity, strength in our bodies, love in our hearts and without senility. My prayer is for a long, healthy and happy life. To remain active, possess a lucid, flexible mind and able to move about without pain or physical restrictions.

To see these guys grow and mature into the great men, I know them capable to be. To see them graduate from college or have a successful entrepreneur endeavor. An event of seeing them fall in love, get married, and I holding my great-grand babies in my arms. Ameen

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