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Adeyeye Abass Organic Formulations: I got my organic medicinal and food formulations inspiration from the Quran. When Allah told us all ailments have a cure. He reminds us of the potent treatment using anti-bacterial potent honey, and its healing properties. From the moment I got this inspiration, I then put my microbiology experience in use as an entrepreneur and a researcher.

Developing my first product from honey that takes care of skin related mycosis, then another progression into developing herbs and roots to serve as detoxifies, antibiotics, antifungal, antiviral, antioxidant, anti-Tumor, cancers, organic immune boosters and other diverse organic spices and food formulations. Solving one of the problem is the challenges of organics dosage.

Our research can solve this challenge in one of the most innovative and enterprising manners through our packaging system. Also, ensuring consumers safety, we made sure all our products are 100% organic with no chemical additives, easy to carry and prepare. Our drive is to focus on organic alternative and prophetic medic

Sports: I love sports and very active in them. Contact sports are at the top of the list. I engaged in Taekwondo and Polo. My goal is to set up a great polo club arena where people can come play polo, learn horse riding, relax and enjoy a serene environment.

Political Interest: Africa can comfortably become a business hub of the world. The leadership deficit of Nigeria and Africa, has me actively involved ensuring a better Nigeria, since the return of democracy to Nigeria in 1999. My leadership training has placed me as an advocating figure for a more just society and ensuring protection of human, civil and environmental rights. As a civil and environmental rights activist, I have been part of several National protest including the ‘ENDSAS’ and ‘Revolution Now’ protest among others, to the Nigerian government. The inhumane and corrupt style of governance that have put our people in perpetual poverty amid plenty, as Nigeria is a rich embodiment of natural resources. The crude oil bounty is unmatched. Yet, the government continued to be irresponsible and corrupt towards elevating the life of its citizens where hunger, poverty, injustice, inequity, police brutality among others feaster.

It’s difficult for individuals to achieve their set goals and dreams in Nigeria no matter how well trained you are except for those who belong to some certain classes of citizens, or connected to high-ranking individuals. Therefore, myself and many others became members of ‘Take It Back’ movement which focuses on ensuring Human Rights. There needs an end to impunity and corruption in my country. Also, I belong to a political party referred to as African Action Congress (AAC) to seek a total overhaul of our country and by extension the continent through the democratic process.

Contacts: WhatsApp +2347036953183 FB: Adeyeye Abasz, Business FB: Microclear Impact optimum Co Limited *Basic consultation: Organic alternative therapy and nutrition. Relationship crisis management advice.

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