Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Ambition ©Clover Journesy

Summary: My ambition is to lose twenty-five lbs., in 6 months. In order to achieve my goal, I must eat healthy low fat, less sugar, starchy foods, drink a lot of water and take my prescribed medication, and vitamins to boost my metabolism with exercise.

Ambition: Is to get home

You have walked miles in the sun beating down on you and you’re tired and thirsty. The only water you have left is streaming down your face in sweat. You’ve gone as far as you care to and you decide, to turn around and go back to the starting point.

There stands in front of you, a staircase towering high over your head. You step to the left to go around. There is not an exit. You go to the right, and realized you’re blocked. The only way to go back the way you came is to scale the mountainous incline in order to get to the other side, and make it home. Do you get angry, fall down crying, asking why me, or do you think with a calm presence and a logical thought process? How do I resolve the issue in front of me? There is only you, no one else to brainstorm and share ideas. What do you do? Do you muster the energy, the strength, and determination to climb the stairs, reach the top and descend on the other side?

Sometimes, in our lives where we believe we cannot solve an issue, a problem or the vision to see clearly on the other side. We spin our wheels so much we’re exhausted, and all we want to do is climb into our beds, cover our heads, and block out life. The problem with this, the issue will still be there, and nothing has changed. Inaction may have caused the problem to escalate. You wasted valuable time by not doing anything.

What would you have done?

Rest is always a good place to begin again. Allow your mind to be free from the issue at hand for a few minutes, not an entire day. While your body is resting, let your mind travel to the place that solves issues. We all have this special place. I suggest you find yours and use it to your benefit it never fails. I would then start the climb, pacing myself, resting intermittently, and repeating the process until I reached the top.

Be clear about your ambition and what you want to achieve. Do not allow outliers to interfere and distract you. The fastest way to fail is to try and please everyone. "Fulfilling the promise to myself is of the utmost importance. My word is my bond. It validates who I am and proves I can be trusted to show up and show out when needed. ~ JAM

Two day before meeting my personal best of 10,000 plus steps.

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