Better Days Ahead - Part 3

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The next morning, Brenda called her mother. “Good morning mom, what time should I meet you at the


“Well, Brenda, your father and I were having breakfast and getting re-acquainted. Do we have to do it today?

“It’s Friday and the bank will be closed tomorrow.”

“Then let’s do it Monday.”

Brenda feeling anxious, said. “Mom, we need to make sure the check is not a scam and Brice, is not lying in order to get back into your good graces.”

You can hear Brice in the background. “Tell Brenda, we will be there at 2:00, this afternoon.”

“Did you hear your father?” Charm said, with a smile in her voice. She continued, “I have one request.”

“What’s that mom?”

“Don’t tell Bri until after we have finished taking care of the business. I want this to proceed with no drama or embarrassment to your father.”

“Alright mom, I understand. We’ll see you at 2, bye.”

The time to leave was getting close. Charm finished tidying up the kitchen and placing the left-overs from the birthday dinner, on the counter to defrost. Brice had finished taking his shower and getting dressed. He went into the bedroom's walk-in closet, pulled a folded wide cloth of fabric from the inside of his coat-pocket, laid it on the floor, and prayed his afternoon Salat.

Charm calling out to “Brice,” As she entered the bedroom. She opened the closet door to retrieve her coat. There kneeling before her in deep concentration was Brice, not noticing Charm, had come in; she quietly closed it and sat on the bed. Her intermingling thoughts twirled through her head. How are our different faiths going to exist in the same household? What will my church family say? Will the girls accept the differences and still learn to love their father? Brice is the love of my life and the father of my children. I have never stopped for one minute loving him. Lord, please help me with this matter; I need you now more than ever.

Upon hearing Brice moving about, she immediately went downstairs and waited for him to join her and asked, “You ready?”

“Mm hmm, I’m ready.” He opened and closed the door behind them and they walked arm in arm to a 2000, Silver Pontiac Grand Am GT. “Oh my… Brice this is a nice car.”

Smiling, Brice says, “It’s aight,” and then asked, “Where is your car?”

“When have you known me to drive? Brenda, Brandy, or a taxi - takes me where I need to go.”

Brice shaking his head, said. “You never learned to drive?” That’s OK, I am here now, no worries.” Charm showed Brice the way to the bank, and arrived at 1:45pm. Brenda and Brandy were sitting in the lobby, waiting. They stood, ready to go inside, when they saw their mom and Brice.

Brenda and Brandy kissed their mom on the cheek and gave a respectful hello to their father. “Are we ready,” Brice asked?

In unison, Charm and her daughters gave an eager, “Yes.”

Charm signed in and the others took their seats. The bank representative said, extending his hand to Charm, Brice, and the girls. “Hello, my name is Amistad Bellows. I will assist you today.” He led them to his cubicle. “Please have a seat.” Once everyone was seated, he said, “How can I help you today?”

Charm reached into her purse and pulled out the 2.5-million-dollar check, and handed it to Mr. Bellows. Charm acted without hesitancy or doubt, knowing the check was good. “Yes, I would like to deposit this check.” The representative looked at the check for a bit. He then looked at Charm and asked, "Who issued this check to you?”

Brice then spoke, “I wrote the check from my musician’s union retirement account.”

“I will need both of your IDs. Thank you, I’ll be right back.” Brandy searched Brenda’s, face for any apprehension. Brenda was giving her mom the side-eye, trying to detect a hint of nervousness. Charm and Brice were as comfortable, as a day at the beach, smiling at each other. Around eight minutes had passed. The representative and Mr. Ashton, the bank manager, walked toward the family.

“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Davis.” Thank you for choosing our financial institution to handle your banking needs. Here at American Bank of Massachusetts, we offer many investing vehicles to grow your money. Mr. Bellows will go over them with you. Again, thank you for choosing our branch.” He shook their hands and said, “Have a wonderful day.”

Brandy and Brenda grabbed each other’s hand and held on to their mom’s shoulder. Mr. Bellows said, smiling. “Now let’s see what are the best products for your millions. I would also suggest you get a financial planner, and tax attorney as soon as possible.”

Brice said, “We have both, thank you.”

“Will this be a joint account?”

“Yes,” Charm responded.

Brice interrupted and said, “No, it will be in Mrs. Davis’s name only.”

Brenda’s phone kept ringing all afternoon. When she did not answer, Brandy’s phone would light up. It was Brianna. “Answer your phone,” her mom ordered. Brandy held up a finger to be excused, and Brenda, followed her out into the lobby. Brandy answered, “Hello.”

“What are you heifers doing? I’ve been calling you and Brenda. I guess you’re consoling mom, because she found out that jack legged husband of hers was running a scam. I knew, I knew it! Fake man, fake check… Hello, why aren’t you saying anything?”

“Bri the check is good. We are at the bank now. Mom is getting her account set up.”

“Her account?”

“Yes, her sole account. Our father’s name is not on it.”

“Really? Hmm. Where are you going, when you leave the bank?”

“We’ll be at moms.”

“Ok, I’ll see you there. So, Brice, is true to his word that’s a start.” Responded Brianna.

Brenda took the phone from Brandy. “Bri we understand where you’re coming from. It's important we proceed with caution. We won’t let mom be blinded by money. Everything must be laid out in the full light of day. Brandy and I, want to have a family meeting to fill in the gaps and get to know who are father is. There is too much; we do not know.”

Brianna said, “Word. I’ll be there." Then laughing and saying, "Hey, who would have ever guessed mom, would become a millionaire at seventy years of age? "

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