Childhood Memories

Clover Journesy Copyright © 11/29/2021

Childhood Friends, You’ll Always Remember.

It was Saturday, a warm spring day, and neighborhood kids were outside playing. My five brothers and myself had to finish our chores before we could go out and play. I made up my bed, ran the vacuum cleaner, and emptied the trash. Sometimes we had to hang clothes, that our mom cleaned using her washing machine, the rinse bucket and ringer. The water was squeezed out, and the clothes folded onto themselves into a huge aluminum bucket that sat on the floor beneath, but not today. Us kids felt relieved of this duty because it took most the day. Once we were finished with our duties, we could now go outside and have uninterrupted fun. If mom seen a task that was incomplete, we would have to come back in and do it right and not without hearing, “Do It Right, The First Time.”

I was still tightening my left skate with the key, when Rose sped past me on her roller skates. You could hear the sound swish. I jumped up and took after her, yelling, wait, wait for me. I could see her bend down when coming up on the uneven sidewalks and jump. When she reached the end of the block, she turned around so cool, stopped and said, “Come on, slow-poke. I sped up. I zigged, when I should have zagged, hitting a crack in the sidewalk and fell, scraping my elbows and knees. The burning sensation hurt so badly I started crying. Rose skated back to me and helped me up brushing the dead grass from my clothes. “Don’t cry, you’ll be OK. She looked at my knees and elbows to see how badly they were injured, and said, “Let’s see. Oh, it’s not that bad. You want to keep skating?”

I said, “Yes, but I won’t go fast.”

“OK, I will skate with you.”

Her, being a good skater, did not mind choosing to skate slow. Rose was my best friend, and I will always remember her. It has been many years of not hearing from her or even knowing if she is alive or deceased. What is important was how kind she was to me.

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