Crew Member on the Leadership

Tonight, 6/28/2021, @ 8:00 pm., est., I officially graduate from Leader School. I’m sitting here reflecting, I am emotional reading the words."For successful completion of Leader Theory 101 and for your continual commitment to becoming the leader you’re destined to be." I know it is my time, a positive force to be reckoned with. To pour into others as they too, are searching to discover who they are, and what they have to contribute to society.

On March 22, 2021, I began a journey of discovery. One seismic eruption of revelation which will forever change me. I learned each and everyone of us living today has experienced pain, whether we want to recognize it. When we are honest with the things having shaped and molded us, we can be open, and transparent with others, without judgment.

On the way I met this outstanding person, I forgot existed. I entered a room, and it introduced me to past hurts, pain, failures, neglect... buried deep in the crevices called my life. Reflecting the memories of having come face to face, I confronted them. I said. "You will no longer have power over my life. My Lord Allah, Al Mutakabbir-Supreme gave me boldness. " I went forth into the rooms opened to me. The ones I had been afraid to enter. Doubting my abilities and talents and not seeing myself as worthy or knowing enough to partake in the conversation. I gave my full attention to finding the who, what, when, where, why, and how I became the person of the past.

What this course has revealed to me, is I am a unique personality having goals, dreams, a sense of bettering the world around me, in and through my writing. It's a gift - my present. A God given talent, I no longer will dismiss but capture, highlight and become one with it.

Maybe they will benefit from seeing us healed, happy, living a fulfilled, and successful life. Ya Allah, thank you for expanding my chest to walk in boldness in who you created me to be. Alhamdulillah. HAPPY GRADUATION * LEADER 2021.

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