Dancing With Your Pen

Their minds are porous like a sponge, open and ready to absorb knowledge and feed the gray matter covering the brain. They take their first steps toward the anchor, that has kept them protected and guided. These young impressionable minds, consuming and learning from the time they were born, and as they grow older, another world is presented to them. One less free, less fair, and more controlling.

Now able to discern what is right and what is wrong. They explore this new world on venues, television, books, peer interactions, boss-employee, and their thoughts tossed in silence.

Legacies are left, and life experiences shared, heartaches give warning signs and chaos is to be quelled. On inked pages the words are formed, designed to grab and hold firm, as their inspirations enter the psyche and these minds imagine how to solve the world’s problems.

The leaves fall from the trees, getting swept into the wind, twirling to the sound of musical notes, dancing with their pens.

When I asked a student, what does #DanceWithYourPen mean to you? The young student expressed. “Ma, when I think of dancing with your pen, “I see the flow of the ink oozing from my pen, forming words, conveying ideas and information. As I write, the pen is literally dancing in my hand, gliding across the vast whiteness of the paper. When I write, I have the possibility of creating a Nigeria that is filled with equity and change–changing the face for a better Nigeria.” © Clover Journesy 8-2021

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