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Nature* Life* Purpose* ©Clover Journesy 2021

I find great joy in the solitude of discovering who I am. The silent distance muffles the nonsensical noise of the maddening crowds and the complexities of its anxiety, confusion, and doubt. I instead gravitate to the simple existence of nature.

Maybe I should have been a tree with a large, solid root base, a huge oak dropping acorns in season. I would be charitable… feeding the birds, squirrels, and other tree dwellers, while providing safety and comfort.

My beautiful green leaves, hanging, dressing my outstretched limbs, as I supply a resting place for the foxes, bears, and possums inside the hollowed-out base, and the ground their bed.

The hives of the bees and hornet’s, are draped like ornaments on a Christmas tree. I playfully think. “The Creator over all things has made an error in my design.” I then immediately reign in my fleeting superficial wisp, before it reaches God’s ears.

To question such a divine presence in my life is an act of senility. You see, there are no hiccups in the what, where, when, who, why, and how of Allah. The one who has masterfully engineered and designed the universe of which I am part.

I will stand content in my human form, because my creation is designed with excellence, and has an indelible purpose in substance and in meaning for this life I live.

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