Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Asalam mu Alaikium Rahmatullah Barakatu, dear sisters. I wanted to share with you the things I do to stay motivated, while we are on this literary journey together. Inshallah, you have a genuine desire to write, but cannot find the time because of life's circumstances. Here is my story.

It took me a minute to discover Allah’s gifts granted me. I have tried many avenues to no avail and becoming bored with that venture, of the possibilities of being a monetized entrepreneur. On and on it went, until one cold snowy morning in Aurora, Colorado. I picked up a pen and began writing. “What it would be like if I was suddenly homeless by choice.” This, was the start of my writing, but when I lost the five-hundred pages, because of a computer virus, I took a hiatus and stopped writing for six years. Alhamdulillah, one day while I was packing to move to North Carolina, upending a seventeen yr., marriage. I discovered; a few pages tucked away in a manila folder.

I called my Muslim sister - my muse and shared my writings with her. She had recently completed a writing class, earning herself an A, and graciously agreed to read the parts I had recovered. The next evening she called, and stated how impressed she was with the story and the descriptive writing, minus the grammatical errors. She reminded me that this gift I have for writing is from Allah ta ala and I should continue developing the script, honoring the present, and that I have a story to share to help others, who are or may go through the same things as myself.

I asked myself, “is my desire to write truly a gift, that has been given to me by Allah ta ala, Al Khaaliq, creator and maker of all things? For if it is, I must write with honor. The bonus to my life present, should not be thrown out or tucked away. Al Musawwir, the fashioner of beauty, the one who assigns. It is not a mistake that I was given this divine gift of writing. These are my reflections. I repeat to myself when not honoring my literary gift of story-sharing.

What helps me stay on task.

Is knowing what I want to accomplish and who I hope to help along the way. I don’t have a specified audience. Inshallah, my writings attract, are entertaining, and will help everyone, somewhere in their life’s journey. I know we should have a particular venue in mind, especially when we market for monetary gain. For now, I just write about what fills my spirit, my heart and mind. I trust in Allah ta ala’s time table over my own. Therefore, when the season is right, the financial compensation will come, or it may never come. My love of writing, alhamdulillah is not based on money. When it comes this choice, I say, “let your characters take you by the hand, dance with your pen,” and enjoy each twirl and swirl along the way.

Think of what you have to share. It does not have to be anything deep, it can be whimsical, intriguing, thrilling, loving, etc... It can also be helpful. You’ll discover that, when we share what we’ve gone through, it opens the doors for others to share, and be their authentic self. You don’t have to be “Slim Shady.” No one has gotten this far without suffering some pain in their life. Wouldn't you think...What a very lonely place to exist, under a hidden cover of shame? It is a cliché but the meaning, is real. “We Are Stronger Together.” Let’s create through our writing, a better world in which to live for all of humanity. Asalam mu Alakium Rahmatuallah Barakatu, Baraka allau Feekum. Ja’Nala Mamdu aka Clover Journesy

© Clover Journesy 9-5-2021

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