Life, How I Keep From Going Under

Left alone with no one to help in my despair. This morning started as usual. The sun shined in my window, waking me to a new day filled with great anticipation. The law firm Billings & Jaffey, where I have worked for the past 12 years, informed me, last week, Mr. Billings, has nominated me for partner. Making partner, having my name on the door has been my dream since the first day they hired me to work as a para-legal. I moved up the ranks, passing the bar and becoming a defense attorney and winning 9 cases, with three corporations settlements, over tens of million of dollars, in class action filings. I could now go forward, asking my beloved fiance to marry me, and buy the house we both said we wanted.

Now in less than 24 hours, I am standing accused of killing my fiance, and mishandling the firm’s accounts. It’s obvious the promotion for partner rescinded. I’m drowning, and maybe I don’t want to be saved.

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