Memories of Our Home

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

My grandmother lived on the left, my brothers and, I with our parents lived on the right. My grandmother was owner of both properties until my mom and dad bought our side of the duplex. Being raised in the beautiful home filled with love, warmth, laughter, holiday dinners, barbecues, birthdays, and loss of loved ones.

This home from the outside represented pride and love of ownership. The responsibility of maintaining curb appeal my parents, and grand-mother internalized, not only for our family but also the neighborhood, which you could see reflected in ninety - eight percent of the houses on the northeast side of Denver,

in the sixties. I recall a few houses that failed the test. However, we understood the times, and that they were doing the best with what they had, and not all were home owners.

Mom would prepare her flower beds in the front and back yard. She loved gladiolas, peonies, orange lilies, roses, sweet peas and more. The decorative sculpting was a variety that gave a coolness to the eye. Within a month, we would have a beautiful lush lawn, and it remained this way by repeating the process of lawn care and maintenance, throughout the year.

One year my dad and brothers decided, and maybe my mom suggested, to plant the two evergreen bushes in the front and gray owl juniper plants on the side. Mom would lovingly position and hang geranium baskets from the front porch. I loved seeing the complimenting colors, adding a finishing touch to the already inviting design.

We are seeing “Black - Flight” to the suburbs, and older home owners dying, leaving generational wealth - wealth that is not recognized. Instant gratification preferred in terms of monetary gain, and less of a headache, or insurmountable reasons to sell, and of course because of the area’s market value, getting less than what the properties are actually worth.

Gentrification has come to our neighborhoods. I never thought of our neighborhoods as poor. To this day, I doubt that Denver, has a “ghetto neighborhood.” The closest designation to poor would have been the Projects in my mind. Now these… “townhomes and “condos," are selling @ list price @ (2600 Curtis, Cost $393.833), is only one example. (Many houses are selling or have sold for millions), in this historic area of Denver.

Gentrification, came, saw, and conquered,

ravishing up good real estate to flip, sale and keep out. I look at this picture of the house as it's represented and think, why?

I have the memories of what used to be, and these are beautiful reflections, I will hold on to till the end of time. Our home and how it represented us as a family until my mom passed, March 22, 2010.

The gentrification and its effect represents the home on the right, and how it looks today.

Thank you, dad and mom, for giving us a childhood full of love, care and appreciation. A lesson to leave the world better than we found it. © Clover Journesy 8-15-2021

My late cousin Cheryl Brown and myself.

My dad, Frank Ingram with grandkids and friend.

This is a snippet of our life at 2442 & 2444 High Street. We had many memorable & enjoyable moment in then our close bonded neighborhood.

The whole family. My brother Orville -College CU Boulder

We were free to be kids and adults understood. Kids will be kids, and were not afraid to tell your parents what you were doing. Nothing like today, where police are called and your child may end up in a body bag for doing unharmful silly things.

Sitting on the porch at one of our family barbecues.

I miss the days of gathering together, family and friends. However, time will always bring about change and we must learn to adjust and flow with these changes. I no longer have my mom, dad, and brother. They have returned to their original conception. and it is promised that I will see them again, and in this I am comforted.

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