Murderer. Stop revisiting me, go away from my door and quit knocking to come in. You are a wolf, disguised as a lamb, void of empathy and compassion. You’ve destroyed my union, and home that I have worked tirelessly to build. You've murdered my hopes, taking away my vision for a better future, and you've murdered my ambition. Fade to black you unseemly apparition of destruction and false faces. You smile while stabbing me in the back attempting to put up barriers to my happiness. My dance in the sun of probabilities you shade with evil darkness. My head is pounding, vomit stuck in my throat, and my heart is filled with pain.

You’re attempts to murder the audience and take away those who could have helped advance my aspirations. The jealousy is stagnating and fills your moss green eyes with envy. Go! Leave me alone. Black is the color of your heart. You have tried to murder all that I possess and all that I am. What else can you do to me. Leave… go and devour

your next victim.

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