My Thoughts On, "Eating Ourselves to Extinction."

I’m astonished, how raising of meat and fish products, organically grown or not, are impacting the Earth's surfaces, our oceans and waterways. Animal agriculture is now seen as the biggest contributor to global warming and in partnership with other causes suspected such as carbon emissions, buildings and industrial factories. Animal Agriculture, that includes pigs, chicken and are lower on the spectrum than cattle. They show through ultra violet imaging that measures the amount of methane gases emitted when a cow belches. Therefore, suggested from the study the Earth is experiencing more wild fires than ever before and result in floods, mudslides, famine, poverty, hunger, disease, and illness.

In the need for more land to feed the animals, through deforestation which unbalances the eco-system. Killing indigenous people, native birds, wild and domestic animals, insects of all that benefits our Earth and man. The annihilation of natural lands, forestry and oceans are impacting our bodies and environment in unhealthy ways. I have known this information in the past. However, a new focused study has me critically thinking again… after watching the documentary, "Eating Ourselves to Extinction." We need reminders, cause as humans it is easy to slip back into old habits. Therefore, I am enlightened to have watched this very important documentary. There is a direct link between deforestation, animal agriculture in the the land used for grazing and the contributing factor in the buildup of CO2 (methane gases), and the human demand for meat.

Our oceans are also a huge producer of methane and nitrous oxide resulting from the dead, rotting, diseased flesh of farmed fish, the anti-biotics used, discarded fishing equipment, human and animal waste, and industrial toxins dumped into our waterways. The lice and disease on farmed fish is vomit worthy, and yet they end up in the grocery stores or on our plate in restaurants and our home dinner tables, because the FDA, allows a percentage of this life and health threatening diseased, toxins and states it does not affect the human body, which is a straight up lie. When I think of the ocean as clean with a sandy, clean bottom, and did not understand the push back on crustaceans that I love (d) to eat. My awareness of the true reality that man has destroyed even an enormous ninety-seven percent of the ocean floor is a real eye opener. No wonder they are looking for a “New Frontier” on Mars. Do you think anything will be different? Copyright © Clover Journesy

Please watch

Disclaimer. This is not fiction, a scientific study documentary about global warming. 2021

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