© Clover Journesy 9/21/21

Dark looming clouds, flashes of lighting can be seen within the grayish outline, conjuring a sinister aura of impending doom. Rolling thunder can be heard far away, then closer and suddenly crashing over-head. CRACKLE, BOOM! BOOM!

“RUN,” Brandon, calls out to Cocoa, “RUN.” Cocoa, bending down next to the banker’s building, hears Brandon’s voice and runs in his direction. Her hearts pumping, you can see the vapor expel from her mouth open and gasping for air, taking in the mist as the cool moisture accumulates around her. Brandon, is standing with his hand held out ready to grab cocoa’s and pull her inside the parking structure.

Cocoa is running, but she is not getting any closer. Brandon yells again, “RUN! HURRY! COCOA! HURRY!” Cocoa, looks behind her and sees the dark clouds billowing, descending and getting closer. Brandon reaches out and grabs her. They continue running down to the lower level of the parking garage till it is silent. They slowed their pace to a fast walk. Cocoa asked Brandon, what was that and where is everybody?” Brandon, breathing hard and out of breath, says,” I don’t know, we just have to keep walking.” Cocoa, tired, says, wait I have to rest.”

“OK, but we can’t stay here long. We have to go back up before the rain comes.”

“I’ve seen nothing like this before in my life, have you?”

” No, - No, I haven’t and I don’t understand why we are seeing it now; come on let’s go this way, it will take us back up.”

The further they ascended, the louder and more frightening it became. The thunder exploded and the flashing lighting returned. The noise was so loud and streaks of blinding light so bright, that Cocoa and Brandon covered their ears and eyes.

When they removed their hands from their faces and standing before them are two giant metallic figures their arms folded, unyielding guardians, taller than the Empire State Building, and two circular objects beaming people up and into the lighted open doors situated underneath. They appeared to be teenagers, adults and the elderly. There are colored lights coursing around its round structure and a ringing, yet calming hum permeating the space.

Huge water droplets were raining down in slow motion. You can count each individual one, not like regular rain that falls in sheets. Large puddles were forming on the ground and in them were babies swimming, playing, and laughing.

“Brandon!” Cocoa cries out, “Help me.” Frantically, Brandon jumps to pull Cocoa down from the beam that has attached her in its light.

Brandon, screams, "Cocoa, No! No! Cocoa…”

“Brandon, RUN!” are the last words heard from Cocoa. The light beam attaches to Brandon and he is taken up by the light.

“Brandon, get up. You’re going to be late and miss your bus, didn’t you here the alarm?” says his mischievous older brother while squirting him with a water bottle.

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