You Just Never Know

A reminder came to my phone from the doctor’s office to call and schedule my yearly mammogram appointment. What transpired from the call was surprising.

“Hello you’ve reached… breast health, may I help you?” A very soft and customer friendly voice answered on the other end of the line.

“Yes, I am calling to schedule a mammogram.” “May I have your name and address? Thank you. Are you having any issues with your breast?”

“No accept I need a reduction… I’m just kidding.”

“I am right there with you. My back and neck hurt. These things have grown so big,” We both laughed.

“They seem to grow bigger, as I get older,” I said.

“It’s gravity. I am ready to roll them up like a hose.” Again, we simultaneously laughed. “Everything is going south.” She punched.

“Yea, I make sure to have a bra on before I leave my room, just so that I feel good, cause nobody looking at this stage.”

“My husband looks and goes,” Eh. We both laughed hard at that one.

Then she says, “Thank you, I really needed this laugh-this morning. I don’t know if it’s the fact I am getting older, or that the sun is not out. I just really want to thank you. Now, I can make it through my day.”

“You helped me as well, I love to laugh. The sun not being out really affects my mood.

“When would you like to come in?” The appointment was made and we ended the call.

“What is your name?”


“Thank you, Stephanie, I really enjoyed speaking with you. Have a beautiful day.”

“You too.”

You never know where your happiness may come or how you will affect someone else’s day. So always be pleasant and kind, you may just raise another’s happiness meter.

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