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 September 10, 2021

 I’m humbled by your remarks. You’re the Great One. when I opened and began to read your email, I honestly thought I was reading a comment from your blog, sent by an admirer / follower of YOUR work! I had to read it a couple of times to realize You were talking to Me! LoL, I enjoyed your story this morning, I saw the notification about the piece on my iPad, I am amazed at the volume and clarity with which you write. Bewildered is a masterful piece. I was immersed in the story and intrigued by the way you chronicled the various phases of “She’s” life. Yes “She” is real, alive, and breathing on the page. Simply Beautiful and the visual images are exquisite, fantastic selections are you also a visual artist? Well, signing off. I just want to say thanks and welcome to the mutual adoration society. I think You Are Phenomenal! Peace ObaKing -- ObaKing •

September 14, 2021
 "It's beautiful. It catches the eye. Let your writing do the talking. I believe you are and will be recognized as a well-written writer. Keep going." ~ Robert Allen
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