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© Clover Journesy @ Janalasgenerationalwealth LLC


Sponsors Needed!

  •  Why: To further the dreams of literary students to become monetized writers for magazines, books and articles. Having worked with the inspired minds of young Nigerian Students, and what they lack in physical tools, they more than make up in determination, motivation and heart. We know that these qualities alone cannot get the job done.  Having the necessary tools to produce will bring these students the results desired. Many work from cell phones with short data memory and weak signals making it difficult to stay online for the duration of time needed.


Dance With Your Pen

Their minds are porous like a sponge, open and ready to absorb knowledge and feed the gray matter covering the brain. They take their first steps toward the anchor, that has kept them protected and guided. These young impressionable minds, consuming and learning from the time they were born, and as they grow older, another world presented to them, one less free, less fair, and more controlling. Now able to discern what is right and what is wrong. They explore this new world on venues, television screens, books, peer interactions, boss-employee, and their thoughts in silence.

Legacies are left, and life experiences shared, heartaches give warning signs and chaos is to be quelled. On inked pages the words are formed, designed to grab and hold firm as their inspirations enter the psyche and these minds imagine how to solve the world’s problems.

The leaves fall from the trees, getting swept into the wind, twirling to the sound of musical notes, dancing with their pens.
© Clover Journesy 8-2021

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*The 30 Writing Challenge*   

                                                                                    FEMALE WRITERS IN FORMATION!

We desperately need to hear your perspective on information and witness your varying writing styles. We are looking for both men, women, girls and boy writers and bloggers to submit daily writings per the subject of the day. We sincerely would like to have more female writers join our 30 day writing challenge. Thank you



The 30-day writing challenge is headed by  Abidoye  Ayobami from Nigeria: *Photo Journalist, Poet, Author, Blogger, content writer, advert expert, and Script Writer.
Bojalanes, from Nigeria: B.M.M., Hawal, Muslim,Student, Budding content writer/creator, speaker, and critic.
Ja'Nala Mamdu: Editor and Chief


A writers day Sensory 8-8-21.jpg

 Sensory Perception

What do your senses have to do with your writing?


You walk into your favorite surf and turf, and out of the many restaurants, you decide on this one. Why? Is it because of the smiling, congenial greeting from the staff, the romantic ambiance it serves up, as soon as you walk through the doors. There are red track lighting along the walls, calling out to the blues and yellows in the ceilings, hosted  by the white lights, making it easy to read the menu and see others sitting parsley throughout. The seating is soft leather, with high backs for privacy. The dining tables are draped in white linen, with a medium gold border around the bottom, shimmers and catching your attention.


A lighted candle placed in the middle of the table, and though under a crystalized cover, its light bouncing in iridescent flickers, you can feel the warmth. The aromas escaping the kitchen are permeating the air. Each item has its individual scent and singularly attaches itself to your noise. You smell the juicy medium rare prime rib, the blackened salmon, the toasted breads, fresh green salads, the soups, and the flaming baked Alaska. 

It’s called sensory perception. The magic that grabs and holds on to your audience as you take them on an imaginary journey. An event they can smell, see, feel, taste and hear. In 3-D, the words create scenes, looping, and the reader becomes one with  story-showing, instead of storytelling.

" The senses provide a physical world for our writing as well as a palette for rich imagery and language. It's through the five senses that we ground our writing in the concrete --- the sight, sound, feel and taste of it. Moving out of our heads and into our bodies." ~ A Writer's Book Of Days." ~ Author Judy Reeves


The founder and organizer of Naija Fate - Blog. Abidoye's, vision is intoxicating, his heart filled with compassion and care. He understands that the power possessed in the hand that holds the pen is mightier than the sword. t"  writes for a better Nigeria.


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When in my creative zone, I need a reminder to get up and move. When I am enthralled reading a good book, I need a reminder to get up and move.


Writers and readers have to exercise on a daily basis because of our sedimentary lifestyles, weight will accumulate faster than you think and your productivity, as well, as creativity will suffer.


1. Remind yourselves to drink plenty of water.

2. Eat light: salads, nuts, fruit slices, etc.

3. Intermittent fasting

4. Get up and move


Sedimentary Occupations
Artist, Writers, Editors, Readers, Traders, Students

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